Download Clients Results in an Instant

Imagine being alerted by email or text message the moment that your Clients’ samples are scanned in at our Laboratory Sample Reception. Imagine being alerted 3 days later that the results are ready for viewing, the moment that our Scientific Director approves their release. Imagine being able to personalise these results with your own logo or brand. All of this happens, every day, for Practitioners that choose to work with Brunel Health.

View Online

In your practitioner portal, you can view all available results. Best viewed on either a desktop computer, a Laptop or a Tablet, a client’s results are available to view, for your convenience, wherever you are. The paper free option!

Download & Print

Once viewed online, you can download the results in PDF Format, and then print them on your own printer. For no extra charge, we can arrange for your logo to appear on your results instead of our Brunel B.

Receive a Copy

Unless you instruct us otherwise when we set up your account, you will also be posted your client results on our premium quality, brand neutral, letter headed paper. If you have chosen your own logo, it will appear on these results.

Why Practitioners choose Brunel Health.

Detailed Results

Our 12 page results package shows food reactions on a scale of 0 – 5, instead of just ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

Results Within 3 Days

Our Priority Practitioner service guarantees test results within 3 working days from sample receipt.

No Food Mixtures

We test antigens individually with NO food mixtures, giving Practitioners more actionable results.

More Relevant Antigens

Get greater professional insight with ten food and drink sections and only the most relevant antigens.

Approved Antigens

Our test only uses antigens from approved biotechnology suppliers, helping to ensure accuracy.

45 Years Experience

The Brunel team have a combined 45 years experience in blood tests, healthcare, and scientific research.

Designed BY Practitioners, FOR Practitioners!

The construction of an IgG testing panel investigating a multitude of reactions to legitimate food and drink antigens was assembled with the help of some of the UK’s leading nutritional therapists. There were a number of aspects regarding testing and results access that are important to practitioners and we are pleased to say that we have accomplished all that we set out to do in creating this panel, whilst being able to stay within desired budgets for the end user.

Whereas other IgG testing providers focus on simply increasing numbers of substances tested, at Brunel Health we were advised to focus on antigens that are both relevant to 99% of practitioner clients and are also manufactured by approved biotechnology suppliers. This has helped us to keep costs down, representing significant savings that can be passed along to our approved practitioners which in turn can be passed to their own clients, the end user.

Another practice that Brunel Health were asked to avoid at all costs was the including of food mixtures in a single testing well. This is because we want our practitioners to be able to make actionable decisions based upon our results – Tests should produce results that are useful, after all.
By eliminating irrelevant antigens, by obtaining the antigens from only approved suppliers, and by saying NO to food mixes, we have, with the help of UK practitioners established a IgG testing service that we believe is the best available in the world today.

Testing Kits Sent to You or Your Client

With a Brunel Health Practitioner Account you are sent a free stock of testing kits – you only pay us when your client samples arrive in our Laboratory. These are available individually (which you can also ask us to send to remote clients), as well as in smart looking folders of two and four kits. Everything is done to enable you to present a professional image to your clients. Each kit has a scannable QR code, giving step by step instructions that augment the easy to understand Instructions for use.

Client Support Video

Brunel Health make it easy for your remote clients to collect their own sample, by providing an instructional video that augments the printed instructions for use leaflet. They can simply scan the QR code on the box with their mobile, or visit the link provided directly.