Client Case Studies

IgG food intolerances can cause a variety of problems – once IgG reactive foods are identified and removed from the diet, many of our practitioners’ clients report seeing benefits within weeks. Below are 4 case studies from the Brunel Laboratory.

“I’ve had ezcema on my hands for most of my life. I struggled to find out what was casuing the problems, even steroid creams didnt really help.

The Brunel Health Food Intolerance Test found I had reactions to milk, gluten & cherrys. After cutting them from my diet, my ezcema almost completely cleared up within a week”

Matt, Ezcema
“I’ve always had problems with severe bloating and IBS. I had just accepted I was stuck with it. Eventually I took a Food Intolerance Test and discovered I had reactions to Yeast of all things.

Now I’ve cut Yeast from my diet, I feel a lot better, and can go back to my normal wardrobe of clothes”

Hannah, IBS & Bloating
“Over the last few years, I’ve had Migraine attacks at least once a week. I tried everything to get rid of them, from medications to ice baths – nothing seemed to help.
My friend reccomended a food intolerance test, which showed I was reacting to milk and beef. Since following my new diet, I’ve been Migraine free!”
Julia, Migraines
“After taking the test and changing my diet, I noticed a big improvement in my energy levels and weight, as well as less pain from bloating!”
Kathryn, Fatigue, Weight Gain and Bloating.