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Food Intolerance Testing is used across multiple healthcare disciplines - our Practitioners can be Doctors, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Naturopaths or many other professions but they all share the same goal - to empower their clients to make positive change in their lives by accurately identifying their unique trigger foods.

Nutritional and Alternative Therapists

Discover your clients' unique trigger foods

“I recommend Brunel Health to all my clients that are looking to track and improve their health. The test is very simple to complete, and the results give me a deeper understanding and help inform how I optimise clients' diets and therapeutic plans.”

IgG Food Intolerance Testing is used widely by Nutritional & Alternative Therapists and an accurate, relevant testing panel is essential.

Based on feedback from leading nutrition experts, our testing panel includes a specific sections for herbs, spices & cooking oils, protein supplements and all major food groups.

Fitness and Performance Coaches

Optimise your clients' Fitness & Performance

"I recommend a food intolerance test to my clients when looking to identify which foods may be affecting their health.  Brunel's service is a step above the rest, and the test is so easy to do"

Brunel Health is used by some of the UK's leading Sports Teams and Athletes, to help optimise their diets.

Completing a Brunel Health IgG Food Intolerance Test allows athletes to follow a truly bespoke and fully optimised diet that will enable them to take full advantage of all training days.

Private Clinics

Broaden your Clinic's Offerings

“We recommend the Brunel IgG Test to clients that could have dietary related issues.

We trust Brunel Health to provide a top class service. The test is easy to use and our clients see great results!"

Food Intolerance Testing is used by many Private Clinics as a tool to quickly and accurately identify trigger foods.

When looking to improve the health of clients, optimising their food and drink intake can be a crucial part of any wellbeing program.

Advantages of Joining

You can apply for a Brunel Practitioner Account in just a couple of minutes - applications are looked at by our team of Account Managers within 1 working day.
Once your account is approved, your kits can be sent straight away and you are ready to start testing your clients.
Brunel Health Benefits:

  • A free stock of testing kits
  • Reliable and accurate testing, using only approved antigen suppliers¬†
  • Online results portal and 12 page hard copy report for each client
  • 134 ingredients tested, including specific sections for Protein Supplements, Herbs Spices & Cooking Oils and all major food groups
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • A fair price for Practitioners and their clients